Ishaan Agrawal, 2017 March graduate

Dishaa taught us too. Dishaa taught us that our child was unique, like every other child. It taught us to pay attention to his good qualities, always trivializing his problems. Everytime I came out of a meeting in Dishaa, I felt proud of my child. I think that's something really special about Dishaa. To treat every child as extra ordinary. To nurture a child, bring out his best abilities.
At every step we were amazed at how quickly Ishaan was able to grasp the fundamentals of different subjects. Every part of learning (reading, writing etc) was introduced exactly when the child was ready to take it up, which did not make it tedious for them.
I would thank all its teachers and akkas to have taken such good care of our child. For holding his hands and being the beginning of his journey. My child got the best at the start :).


Dishaa Montessori