Varun Rao. 2016 March graduate.

Dishaa is like coming home …


It’s been a year since my first boy ‘graduated’ from this wonderful pre-school, and we still miss the place regularly. It was really a second home for Varun, and a source of inspiration and energy to us as parents.


There are so many things that are special about Dishaa. It is run by a close knit team in a family like set-up, with an atmosphere that is nurturing and engaging for both children and parents. The leadership of Dharani and Geetha guarantees high quality yet practical schooling, keeping humility at its core. Each of the teachers and staff are a reflection of this through their passion and personality suited so well for the first leg of a child’s formal learning. Children walk in being embraced for their individuality and walk out being enabled for their future years. And the support given to parents is amazing – from helping to understand one’s child better to talking through parenting worries. Most of all, is that every aspect and detail of this pre-school has been so well thought through, to create an environment has the child’s best interests at heart.


Put simply, one cannot go wrong with Dishaa as a choice for your child’s early years. We feel very fortunate and grateful to have come across this preschool and been a part of their journey. The only reason Varun is still not here is because they don’t extend to primary school! But for now, my second one is hopefully going to be enrolling soon :).


Wishing Dishaa the very best, always!

Dishaa Montessori