Exercises of Practical Life:

The activities in this group help a child overcome the natural state of helplessness that he/she is born with and prepares every child to interact effectively with his/her immediate surroundings. Tasks like pouring, tying shoe laces, buttoning a shirt and such are practiced which helps develop concentration, coordination and independence.


Sensorial Awareness:

It establishes a connection between a child and the material world by giving her/him experiential information about innate differences that exist in every object.



Language is taught using a phonetic approach. Reading and writing are introduced through activities like tracing letters with their fingers, hearing the corresponding sound and then ultimately writing when their muscles are ready for the pencil-hold.


Arithmetic :

It fulfills the need to quantify and compare numbers and objects. Mathematical concepts are taught through various sensorial materials, and gradually concrete manipulations give way to abstract applications



Physical geography looks at the outward appearance of the environment. Cultural geography looks at what Maria Montessori called humankind’s ability to “continue the work of creation.