Srishti . 2019 Graduates

As first time parents, we wanted to find the right environment for our 2 year old - where she would learn, be nurtured , have wonderful peers, and discover comfort in a world outside her home where she can grow - and during this journey be allowed to be who she is

We visited a few schools before discovering Dishaa. There was a familiar routine -  an introduction, tour of the facility and a presentation of the fee structure. When we contacted  Dishaa through a friends recommendation - The first thing Dharini asked us was to bring the child along. Once we were there, our daughter was encouraged to run around and explore - following which the entire discussion was only about the child & the montessori method. We decided to go ahead with Dishaa.  When i saw all the effort they put in something as elementary as helping the child settle, i knew she was in the right place & that our daughter was in the right hands.

Dishaa is extremely and pro-child & will only listen to any recommendation or suggestion if it benefits the child. This specifically is what is so special about Dishaa and is embodied in every person, every interaction & every experience with the school. It's the reason why kids are do happy to go to school everyday. 

The personal rapport that we have had with the teachers & the warm and comfortable feeling of knowing everyone has always given me the sense that we are co-parenting. The extraordinary group of teachers are so involvedinvested , kind  and have such deep understanding of our children. That has put me in a place where i have unquestioning trust in those who are making them grow during these critical years of development. Bhavna aunty, Prema aunty & Deepa aunty are known fondly to everyone in our family! 

Dharini runs the school very collaboratively with the parents in a truly montessori fashion. A small example is the parent-led snack roster, which  was a result of a brain storming session with parents over concerns about childrens eating habits. She is always ready to hear our concerns,and if it's legitimate, takes sincere efforts to manage the situation. They have open doors & i will miss that terribly. 

Both my girls have had such a rich environment and a strong foundation in helping them germinate and be ready for their next steps. 

Dharini Srinivasan