Arjun Praveen, 2018 March graduate

Dishaa , as the name suggests has provided the right direction towards the formative years of education of our son. It has been a very enriching experience for him as well as us. The school has nurtured his curiosity, willingness to learn while imparting academics . It is a place he loves to go . He has grown up to be a confident young boy who does not hesitate or fear to speak his mind. We have also become better parents, thanks to the constant interactions and guidance we have found at Disha. It gave us reassurance that our child was in the right place. We would recommend Disha to any child starting school for two reasons : one , the Montessori style of education followed here and the second is the team that is responsible to make Disha such a wonderful place. Thank you Dharini and everyone else at Disha for providing the best to Arjun.


Nandini & Praveen


Dishaa Montessori