Aarav Oberoi, 2018 March graduate

Our son Aarav has been with Dishaa since he was 2.5 years old. We feel very good about ourselves of not having given in to the temptation (and pressure) of moving him to a bigger school at an earlier stage. The true benefits of the Montessori philosophy are only realized through all the foundational years. What we found working for us was the pace with which he picked up on skills – not the traditional reading/writing skills but more of life skills and the level of independence and curiosity they brought with it. These were far more important for us along with the fact that development and progress in a true Montessori system is milestone based- milestones that each child reaches at different points in time in their early years. And this is where the Montessori environment and approach to learning works wonders. It does not put pressure on the child and allows development at the pace it should be; and not at the pace we or other grown-ups would like to see.


And Dishaa is a true Montessori in every sense. It follows the philosophy entirely and does not let it dilute in any way. We are extremely happy that Aarav spent his foundational years with Dishaa and with the Adults, who are so accomplished and so passionate about children.

Dishaa Montessori