Child Name - Samara Ballal, 2016 Graduate

As, parents, Sandeep and I count ourselves fortunate to have found a school like Dishaa. Our daughter Samara loved it from her very first day. I guess it actually reflects badly on us as parents when our child prefers going to school than staying at home. 

The whole atmosphere at Dishaa is conducive for a child to flourish as much as possible. Sometimes, schools use the term " Montessori " to slack off and not teach much, but Dishaa isn't like that. The teachers are good and Dharini and Geetha have decades of experience between them. There's not much scope for going wrong. Samara has probably learnt more than other children her age and the most amazing part is that she has actually enjoyed the process.

The children are encouraged, treated with infinite patience and individuality and development are applauded. I have found the teachers to be friendly and open with the children as well as the parents. Geetha and Dharini's doors are always open for parents who may have any fears, issues, problems that concern them. It's a relief as a parent to have people who you can trust with your children and who have their best interests at heart.

In the three years at Dishaa, Samara's become an independent and well adjusted person. She's developed a love for school and learning. The only fear now is whether it stays that way once she goes on to another school.

Thank you for everything, 

Dishaa Montessori