Child Name - Prahati Shankar , 2016 Graduate

Looking at Dishaa from Prahati’s eyes, it was a wonderful 4 years in her life – we, as parents couldn’t have made a better decision. Growing up in conservative families Kavitha and I never had a chance to express our true desires but delighted to see that Prahati is every bit demanding what she likes doing in her life and we have made it our primary goal to encourage and help her learn whatever she wants to learn. I think the foundation that Dishaa has given her will be with her for life and as parents we really enjoyed all the interaction with teachers at Dishaa.

For both of us, the only thing that could have been even better is helping parents with the transition after life at Dishaa. Perhaps even bringing parents of previous batches to interact with parents of graduating kids (at least 6 months in advance and then 3 months before Graduation) would be a good idea. Most parents have some idea of schools but alumni will tell about how they found the current school, fee structure, how has the kid adjusted to the new environment etc.

We are going to be near Dishaa, so I am sure Prahati will enjoy seeing the school every time we cross the road and cherish the memories she held there. 

All the very best for a super bright future for Dishaa.

Best regards


Dishaa Montessori